With a strategic location, excellent connectivity, state-of- the-art infrastructure, worldclass professional
environment and a strong economic outlook, Dubai has fast become the best place to do business in the
Middle East. A thriving, centrally-located economic community with one of the best addresses in the
region, Meydan Freezone (MFZ) offers international Freezone trading status and new growth
opportunities to businesses of all scale and sizes looking to move to the commercially dynamic city of
Dubai. For new businesses looking to establish or expand, MFZ offers reasonable, efficient and seamless
start-up with 100% capital repartition and a guaranteed 50-year tax holiday on personal and corporate
tax. A robust, secure and regulated environment, businesses in MFZ operate under the FZE and FZ LLC
licenses while enjoying a 100% business ownership for expats and sole shareholders. A city centre
location ensures you are in close proximity to all the major interactions and key commercial landmarks
while being only minutes away from the Dubai Logistics Corridor. Equipped with versatile office spaces
in an ambience that inspires performance and productivity, MFZ offers the perfect setup to help you
realise your business goals and gear you towards success.

MFZ was established to help the growth of Dubai and assist in the equestrian community.
An international centre for equestrian sports and industries, MFZ plays an essential role in attracting
investments from local and international agencies in the industry while also conducting specialised
exhibitions and conferences.
With a special focus on energy efficiency, sources and power materials, MFZ offers the perfect platform
to businesses in the horsemanship industry that not only promotes and encourages them but also helps
them thrive and succeed.