Dubai Freezone Council

The Objectives and Functions of the Board

The Council aims to study and liaise work between free zones in the emirate, the Government of Dubai and other relevant bodies. The Council’s tasks include:

  1. Proposing a comprehensive strategy for the free zones while taking into consideration the objectives and specifics of each area. This includes putting forward perceptions and recommendations to allow necessary improvements that support the development of free zones.
  2. Proposing policies and rules for registration, licensing and monitoring activities within free zones.
  3. Proposing necessary rules for promoting the investment opportunities within the free zones.
  4. Coordinating with the concerned authorities in the emirate to create an integrated database that also cover performance rates and economic indicators to serve the free zones and companies operating within.
  5. Creating a unified reporting system that contributes towards setting clearer directives and making firmer decisions on topics relevant to the free zones.
  6. Reviewing and proposing laws & legislations, and orders & policies that govern and affect the operation of free zones; as well as proposing the necessary recommendations.
  7. Overcoming common obstacles faced by the free zones by proposing and developing appropriate solutions; enhancing coordination and cooperation between free zones to achieve goals to overcome these obstacles.
  8. Representing the free zones among local, federal and international authorities, as well as serving as representative body of the free zones in local, regional and international conferences and exhibitions in cooperation with the relevant authorities.
  9. Liaising between the free zones and the Economic Development Committee; conducting studies required for topics related to the work of the free zones, commissioned by the Economic Development Commission.
  10. Facilitating exchange of ideas and benefiting from the experiences and best practices of all free zones for the purpose of enhancing performance and achieving mutual goals.
  11. Preparation of studies and research projects to further the objectives of the Council.
  12. Developing plans, programs and projects that serve the objectives of the Council.
  13. Providing advice, consultation, necessary proposals, and recommendations on local and federal laws referred by relevant authorities in relation to free zones or investment.
  14. Providing studies and proposals that help the government in the formulation of economic and investment strategies when necessary.
  15. Organizing conferences, seminars and panel discussions on topics related to free zones or investment.
  16. Enhancing the cooperation and supporting the coordination, integration and interdependence between free zones.
  17. Conducting research studies and publishing reports and statistics to help develop the work of the free zones.
  18. Devising agreements and systems that help resolve gaps and issues between free zones for the benefit of all stakeholders and the interest of the emirate.
  19. Performing other relevant tasks that contribute to achieving the objectives of the Council.