About Dubai

Situated in one of the fastest growing regions of the world, the city of Dubai is the Middle East’s dynamic and diversified business hub. Dubai’s strategic location, strong economy, favourable taxation and ownership laws have provided the city with consistent and unprecedented growth over the past fifteen years. Today the city enjoys world-class financial facilities, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and a large, talented multinational workforce.

Dubai has become one of the most sought after locations in the world with families drawn by a luxurious lifestyle, a wide selection of world-class schools, and a crime-free community. In 2005, the UAE ranked number one in Forbes magazine’s Employee Happiness Index proving a cosmopolitan culture, year round sunshine, sandy beaches, and unrivalled shopping and entertainment facilities, all combine to make Dubai an exceptional place to live.

Dubai is a unique destination that is both a dynamic business centre and a tourist paradise, offering more attractions, shopping, fine dining and quality hotels. Dubai has burst on to the global scene as perhaps one of the most happening cities in the world with its ambitious projects and unique events.

Dubai is one of the few cities in the world that has undergone such a rapid transformation – from a humble beginning as a pearl-diving centre – to one of the fastest growing cities on earth. Dubai today is a tourism, trade and logistics hub and has earned itself the reputation of being the ‘gateway between the east and the west.’ It is also considered as the dynamic nucleus of the Arabian Gulf region.

Home to about 1.9 million people from nearly 200 nationalities, Dubai is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Living in Dubai has a lot to offer. It is safe, politically stable, centrally located, has a good education system and healthcare facilities, modern infrastructure and much more. The sun shines almost every day, the shopping and leisure facilities are impressive, and the salaries are tax-free.

Dubai is without a doubt a destination of the 21st century. Read any article about the fastest growing city in the region and it’s almost guaranteed you’ll see the words ‘ambitious’, ‘record-breaking’ and ‘staggering’. This meteoric growth has not gone unnoticed, and each year thousands of expats arrive to claim a slice of the action.